Leak Detector Stop

  • Original product made in Italy
  • Stop leak for Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration systems
  • Polymer free solution
  • Repair leak up to 0.3mm
  • Does not stop inside filter drier
  • Does not accumulate in expansion valve
– 1 syringe for system up to 1.5kg of refrigerant gas 1. Turn the air condition on and set the lowest temperature
– Non reactive to oxygen and moisture 2. Locate the charging port of the A/C system and connect the syringe
– Permanently repair micro gas leak 3. Pump down the refrigerant in the external unit
– Safe to A/C and refrigeration system 4. Introduce LEAK STOP in the system
– Visible to any UV lamp 5. .Re-open the valve
– Non-flammable 6. Disconnect the syringe from the external unit
7. Run the A/C system in this condition for 30 minutes




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